single chain antibody library

single chain antibody library
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In terms of the advanced phage display technology, Creative Biolabs has unparalleled capabilities for the construction of VHH or VNAR based single domain antibody libraries through immunized camel, llama, alpaca or shark. In comparison with naïve libraries, immune libraries usually produce antibodies of greater affinity, thus avoiding time-consuming in vitro single chain antibody library affinity maturation effort. Antibodies from naïve libraries frequently require affinity maturation before they are useful due to affinity issues. Furthermore, in comparison with naïve libraries, which usually require a size of 1-10 billion independent clones to be useful, an immune library can be much smaller. Our experience showed that immune libraries with a size of 1-10 million variants could be sufficient to produce excellent antibodies. Our scientists have extensive experience in cloning the single domain antibody repertoire from immunized plasma cells into our phage display vectors. By reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction, a library of single domain antibodies containing 10-100 million clones is regularly produced.

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