Paramecium sp. (Cell surface) - CIL:22781

Paramecium sp. (Cell surface) - CIL:22781
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Didinium attacks Paramecium. Also showing many discharged trichocysts and metachronous waves of cilia in the two characteristic ciliary girdles of Didinium nasutum and on Paramecium. A series of capture and ingestion SEMs are grouped with this image. This micrograph was taken in 1968 by G. Antipa on a Cambridge Mark IIA operating at 20kV. The negative magnification is 410X. Further details are available at Wessenberg, H. and Antipa, G. 1970. Capture and ingestion of Paramecium by Didinium nasutum. J. Protozool. 17:250-270.

Biological Process: Response to toxin, Activation of membrane attack complex

Author: Gregory Antipa (San Francisco State University)

Source: The Cell: An Image Library

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