Mus musculus (Ruffle membrane) - CIL:35127

Mus musculus (Ruffle membrane) - CIL:35127
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Primary bone marrow macrophages derived from mouse plated on a coverslip and imaged live. Phase contrast microscopy allows us to see the dense f-actin rich leading edge, ruffles, mitochondria, the nucleus, and other organelles throughout the volume of the cells. At the center of the image is a polarized lamellipod of a crawling cell. The glass micropipette at the bottom of the image is delivering CSF (colony stimulating factor) locally and the cell may be responding.

Biological Process: Ruffle organization

Live bone marrow macrophages plated in MatTek dish and imaged with a 60X N.A. 1.4 phase 3 Olympus objective on an IX71 microscope with a Cooke Sensicam QE camera and IPLab software running on a Dell Windows XP computer.

Author: Dianne Cox

Source: The Cell: An Image Library

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