Borderline personality disorder - self mutilation

Borderline personality disorder - self mutilation
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Secondary wound healing in a psychiatric patient after self-mutilation (Borderline Personality Disorder)

"Before, they were considered to be difficult patients, no one knew how to treat them: People with borderline personality disorder often hurt or mutilate themselves. They suffer from extreme mood swings. The slightest provocation is enough to tick them off. The anger of women with borderline personality disorder is almost always directed against themselves, men also direct their anger against others. The persons concerned describe the lack of emotional control as a continuous nagging tension they can not escape. It is difficult for them to build stable relationships.

Three percent of Germans suffer from a borderline personality disorder. "These patients are highly talented and highly intelligent, but have serious trouble to come to terms with themselves," says Thorsten Kienast, psychiatrist and psychotherapist of the Schön clinic in Hamburg. They nearly never feel content. Many are depressed. A third escapes into addictions. Almost one in ten will eventually commit suicide. " (Focus Online)

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