Video endoscope - cross section

Video endoscope - cross section
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The precursor of the modern endoscope was created in the middle of the 19th century and was used for cystoscopy. The first rigid endoscope for gastroscopy was used in 1868 by Kussmaul who had observed sword swallowers. These devices were very simple at first but were improved step by step with lights, prisms and rinsing channels over the following decades.

Around 1930 the first half flexible endoscopes with optic lense systems were developed. 1958 saw the first fiberglass endoscope by Hirchowitz which was improved only a few years later by the introduction of cold light.

The fiber endoscopes are today (2006) being replaced by video endoscopes which utilise a CCD-color-chip and have the advantage of loss-free image transmission. Further changes are caused by innovative procedures like virtual endoscopy or capsula endoscopy.

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