What if its not Alzheimer's disease? Consider Micron stroke.

What if its not Alzheimer's disease? Consider Micron stroke.
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So you or your family member was given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s? 

The problem is that the medical team was not able to tell you the reason for the medical problem.  Being given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is better understood as being told that the current medical team has identified damage to the brain that is causing a profound problem with mind and memory.  Current medical terminology has many ways to explain that you have damage to the brain. Some ways to describe this damage are currently designated as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, essential tremor, acephalgic migraine, movement disorder, frontotemporal dementia (dementia lacking distinct histopathologic features), vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, optic neuritis, mixed dementia, normal pressure hydrocephalus, or multiple sclerosis;  all remain a “diagnosis of exclusion.”

However, when all of the potential factors that can cause damage to neurons are not considered, then the diagnosis remains incomplete.

A complete and accurate investigation including all of the potential causes of micron stroke converts many of the “diagnosis of exclusion” into a diagnosis based upon the results of the investigation. For comparison one can consider the treatment approach and strategy when dealing with disease of the brain based upon etiology, as examples: Vasculitis, sacroidosis, Behcet’s disease, space-occupying lesions, systemic lupus ertyhematosis, Lyme disease, Wilson’s disease, lysosomal disorders, or CNS lymphoma.

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