Virus like particles

Virus like particles
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Creative Biostructure provides virus-like particles (virus like particles product) containing high concentrations of specific membrane proteins in their native conformation. VLPs capture conformationally-intact membrane proteins directly from the cell surface, enabling these complex proteins to be manipulated as soluble proteins. Our VLPs are produced with specified membrane proteins on a custom basis, or are available from a selected catalog of ReadyVLPs. Sample kits are also available for purchase for preliminary application testing.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) have evolved to become a widely accepted technology, especially in the field of vaccinology. In fact, some VLP-based vaccines are currently used as commercial medical products, and other VLP-based products are at different stages of clinical study. Several remarkable advantages have been achieved in the development of VLPs as gene therapy tools and new nanomaterials. In recent years, the technologies develop very fast that are used to characterize the structural integrity, stability, and components, including the encapsidated nucleic acids, of newly synthesized VLPs. Moreover, some of the modifications that are required to construct VLP-based carriers of viral origin with defined properties can be provided.

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