Magnetom Spectra (Magnetic Resonance Imager, 3 tesla)

Magnetom Spectra (Magnetic Resonance Imager, 3 tesla)
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With the magnetic resonance imager (MRI) Magnetom Spectra Siemens Healthcare enhances its product portfolio in the 3 tesla area. The new scanner is distinguished by outstanding imaging and lower total operating costs in comparison to conventional devices of this class. With a very attractive entry price, Magnetom Spectra eases the access to 3 tesla technology for hospitals and practising radiologists. Its benefits are excellent quality of image and fas examination times. To be able to use these benefits with efficiency, the new scanner is equipped with technologies that ease the process of MR-examinations. It is available from the second half of 2012 on. The broadening of the range of offers of economic systems is part of agenda 2013, an initiative of Siemens Healthcare for increasing competition.

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