Rattus (Synapse part) - CIL:810

Rattus (Synapse part) - CIL:810
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During hippocampal neuron development in vitro, N-cadherin becomes selectively localized to excitatory synapses. This image shows immunolocalization of N-cadherin (red), colocalized at synapses that are also immunopositive for the presynaptic glutamate transporters V-glut 1 and 2 (green) and for the postsynaptic NMDA receptor (blue). This image accompanies 3 B&W raw images in this image group. Individual fluorescent images were acquired using a Nikon Diaphot 300 with a 60X objective. Preparation was fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and permeabilized with .01% TritonX-100.

Biological Process: Calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion, Regulation of synapse structure and activity

Author: Deanna Benson

Source: The Cell: An Image Library

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