Xenopus laevis (Cell) - CIL:26252

Xenopus laevis (Cell) - CIL:26252
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Radial glial cell from right tectal lobe of Xenopus laevis tadpole CNS, stage 47. This radial glial cell expresses eGFP. It was transfected ~60 hours earlier with in vivo electroporation of plasmid DNA encoding eGFP. Spinning disk confocal microscope (Ultraview system, Perkin Elmer): Yokagowa CSU-X1 spinning disk confocal head mounted on an Olympus BX61WIF microscope with a 60X 1.1 NA objective (LUMFLN 60XW) and an EMCCD camera (Hamamatsu, c9100-50). A 488 nm laser was used with a 547(55) nm filter. Volocity (Improvision/Perkin-Elmer) was the acquisition software. This glial cell was too large to capture in one stack, therefore 2 separate Z-stacks were acquired that overlapped partially. Each stack was projected (max intensity) using ImageJ. The resulting .tifs were aligned and merged in Photoshop. 1 pixel = 0.344 micron.

Biological Process: Localization in CNS

Author: Jennifer Bestman

Source: The Cell: An Image Library

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