Paramecium multimicronucleatum (Gold labelled antigen) - CIL:12980

Paramecium multimicronucleatum (Gold labelled antigen) - CIL:12980
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High magnification of early endosomes in which the membranes are easily seen as a tripartite track. Gold, labeling antigen C6 is observed only in the body of the early endosome and not in the coated evagination or small coated vesicle lying nearby, which may be a newly released carrier vesicle or a coated evagination still attached to an early endosome. TEM taken on 5/14/91 by R. Allen with Zeiss 10A operating at 80kV. Neg. 31,500X. Bar = 0.2?m. Cells were lightly fixed with 0.25% glutaraldehyde and infiltrated with 2.3M sucrose before being frozen in liquid nitrogen and thin sectioned at a temperature of –100?C at approximately 75nm thickness. Frozen sections from these preparations were then thawed, washed, and exposed to a monoclonal primary antibody that was raised in mice or rabbit/goat and to colloidal gold-complexed goat-anti-mouse/rabbit secondary antibodies. Further details of preparation are outlined in Methods Cell Biol. 2010;96:143-73. The negative was printed to paper and the image was scanned to Photoshop. This digitized image is available for qualitative analysis. An unprocessed, high resolution version of this image (CIL:12642) is in the library and available for quantitative analysis. Additional information available at (

Biological Process: Endosome organization, Early endosome to late endosome transport

Author: Richard Allen (University of Hawaii)

Source: The Cell: An Image Library

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