Big IVC due to Pectus Excavatum

Big IVC due to Pectus Excavatum
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Man 33 yo, pectus excavatum status, onset of epigastric pain with radiating backward todorsal spine. Ultrasound of abdomen detected a big inferior vena cava (IVC) with size of 2.4-2.7cm, echogenic blood flow. Spectrum Doppler of IVC showed triphasic pattern with V= 11.2cm/s, TEE 3D cardiac report was normal. MSCT of abdomen showed that IVC was dilated in going to heart, diameter of 2.9-3.3 cm. Suggested IVC dilated due to PE (pectus excavatum).

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Hello,finally l know what it is, l have Pectus excavatum and my IVC be dilated according to images RX and TC , but this condition goes and comeback for example in some positions resting on my bed, seat in front of my computer,driving my car due bending over steering wheel l can feel when that is happening.
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