Embryonic brain

Embryonic brain
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Transmission electron microscope image of a thin section cut through the developing brain tissue (telencephalic hemisphere) of an 11.5 day mouse embryo. This higher magnification image of "Embryonic brain 80438", shows the telencephalon surface just before perforation by a capillary. Before perforation occurs, the vascular and cerebral basal laminae are in contact and will become fused at the point of perforation by the the capillary filopodia.



Marin-Padilla, M. (1985) "Early Vascularization of the Embryonic Cerebral Cortex: Golgi and Electron Microscope Studies", J. Comparative Neurology, 241:237-249

Marin-Padilla, M. and M. Amievo (1989) "Early Neurogenesis of the Mouse Olfactory Nerve: Golgi and Electron Microscope Studies", J. Comparative Neurology, 288:339-352

Source: Louisa Howard, Miguel Marin-Padilla and Dartmouth College


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