Dental Crown in hand c

Dental Crown in hand c
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A dental crown the part of a tooth that is covered in enamel. Most of it is visible above the gingiva. The neck of the tooth is protected inside the gingiva and the root ot the tooth is anchored iside the alveolar bone.

A dental crown is also an artificial replacement tooth.

The root of the tooth is fixed to the bone through the cementum dentis and the Sharpey-fibres of the root skin (desmodontium). At its tip (appendix radicis dentis) there is a small opening (Foramen apicis dentis) through which capillaries and nerves from the tooth marrow (pulpa dentis) pass.

Different types of teeth possess a different number of roots.

Molar is a term for multirooted teeth that are located in the back of the human jaw. Milk teeth contain 8 molars (2 in each quadrant),wheras the resident teeth have 12 molars (3 in each quadrant), including wisdom teeth.

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