Early gastric carcinoma: endoscopic classification

Early gastric carcinoma: endoscopic classification
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According to their macroscopic appearance, the endoscopist classificates three types of Early gastric carcinomas When a gastric carcinoma is early, it means that it doesn`t go deeper than the Tela submucosa. It doesn`t matter if perigastral lymph node metastases have occurred or not. Therefore it`s not a carcinoma in situ, because there can be infiltrative growth and metastases!

15% of all patients affected by a gastric carcinoma have an early gastric carcinoma. In case of a prompt gastric resection gastric resection with lymphadenektomy or an even more radical gastrektomy, the 5-year survival rate of a gastric carcinoma is still higher than 90%. Thus the early gastric carcinoma, unlike gastric carcinomas with more extent in depth, is a principally curable carcinosis.


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