Surface projections of the organs of the trunk

Surface projections of the organs of the trunk
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Surface projections of the organs of the trunk, showing pancreas at the transpyloric plane.

  • Bålens ytanatomy (Superficial anatomy of the trunk). Anca Dragomir, Mats Hjortberg and Godfried M. Romans. Section for human anatomy at the Department of medical cell biology, Uppsala university, Sweden.

Key points from that compendium:

  • The oblique fissure of the right lung goes from the spinal process of thoracic vertebra 3 towards the navel
  • The horizontal fissure goes along the 4th rib (the original image from Gray has this line almost at the 5th rib, but this is not labeled in image, as other lung images seem to support the upper level)
  • The cardia of the stomach is at the level of the 10th rib
  • The fundus of the stomach is in the 5th intercostal space, slightly below the apex of the heart
  • Pylorus is usually at the L1 (the transpyloric plane)
  • The transpyloric plane is at the level of:
    • lumbar vertebra 1
    • the pancreatic body
    • the origins of the superior mesenteric artery from the aorta and portal vein
    • the left and right colic flexure
    • hilum of the kidney on the left
    • upper pole of the kidney on the right
    • duodenojejunal flexure
  • McBurney's point is located one third of a line from the anterior superior iliac spine and the navel
  • The upper rim of the liver is in the 5th intercostal space
  • The left lobe of the liver is to the left of the midline
  • The lower limit of the liver at the midline is approximately 3 cm below processus xiphoideus
  • The spleen is projected against the 9th and 10th rib on the backside
  • The left kidney is approximately at the vertebral level T12 to L3, and the right one slightly lower.

Source: Mikael Häggström


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