ECG: premature ventriculare contraction (PVC), left bundle branch block

ECG: premature ventriculare contraction (PVC), left bundle branch block
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Description of ECG

sinus rhythm (P waves, similar intervals)
Axis: Left axis deviation (LAD)
Heart rate: Frequency f =  1/RR[s] x 60s/min = v[mm/s]/RRs[mm] x 60s/min = (50mm/s : 42(EA)-34(BWA)mm) x 60s/min = 71-87/min
Lengths and Intervals:


  • P wave: P = Ps[mm]/v[mm/s] = 3mm : 50mm/s = 0,06s
  • PR interval: PR = PRs[mm]/v[mm/s] = 7mm : 50mm/s = 0,14s 
  • QRS complex: QRS = QRSs[mm]/v[mm/s] = 6mm : 50mm/s = 0,12s
  • QT interval: QT = QTs[mm]/v[mm/s] = / (not usable)

Morphology and amplitudes

P wave:
QRS complex: deformed, bimodal, delayed upper transition point (about 100 ms).

  • Q waves: none
  • Sokolow-Lyon-I.: RVH: RV1 + SV5 = / (not usable)
  • Sokolow-Lyon-I.: LVH: SV1 + RV5 = / (not usable)
  • Lewis-I.: LVH: RI + SIII - SI - RIII = / (not usable)
  • R-Progression:  / (not usable)
  • Transitional (isoelectric) QRS: (V5-V6)
  • S waves:  deep, broad S waves in III, aVF, V1-V4
  • ST segment:  / (not usable)
  • T wave: (broad, acute especially in V1-V4)
  • Divergence: discordant

Other notable features: one single premature ventricular contraction (PVC)

Short description: sinus rhythm with single PVC, LAD, heart rate 71-87/min, PR interval normal, left-sided, M-shaped, deformed QRS complex with delayed upper transition point (100ms), deep, broad S in III, aVF, V1-V4, discordant ST(-T) deviations.

Interpretation: single PVC, left bundle branch block.

Source: Patho via wikibooks


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