Vertebral column and spinal cord (labelled)

Vertebral column and spinal cord (labelled)
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from the top:

weiße Substanz - white matter

graue Substanz - grey matter

hintere und vordere Rückenmarkswurzel - posterior and anterior spinal root

Spinalganglion - spinal ganglion/ dorsal root ganglion

Grezstrang - sympathetic trunc

Bandscheibe - intervertebral disc

Brustwirbel - thoracic vertebra

Lendenwirbel -lumbar vertebra

Illustration of a human vertebral column with intervertebral discs (blue) and the meninges (light pink) covering the spinal cord (yellow). The sympathetic trunc (purple) that forms part of the autonomic nervous system is pictured with its ganglia. In the upper parts of the picture the spinal roots are visible. The 12th thoracic vertebra and the first lumbar vertebra are labelled.

(without labels)

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