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DocCheck Pictures is the online medical image archive for doctors, students, pharmacists and healthcare professionals. With 15,000 images, photos and illustrations DocCheck Pictures is one of the largest and most comprehensive medical image databases.

How can I participate?

  • Archive your images online: Upload images of findings, case studies and clinical material.
  • Learning together: Discuss interesting cases from hospitals and practices with colleagues and fellow students.
  • Show your expertise: Present your spectrum and let yourself be found by physicians and patients.

With DocCheck Pictures it is easy to manage extensive image collections online, index and archive them in albums. In order to upload your own images, photos and graphics log in now with your DocCheck password. When you upload your image files, you can decide by clicking:

  • ...who can see your pictures (only you, healthcare professionals, everyone)
  • ...who can use your pictures (all rights reserved, academic use, Creative Commons, etc.)
  • ...whether you want to earn money with your pictures (license inquiries can be obtained conveniently per e-mail form)
Why should I participate?

With your images you are helping:

  • students preparing exams
  • colleagues participating in education and training programs
  • allocators and healthcare professionals looking for experts
  • patients and families looking for answers

Do you have got questions related to digitization or concerning the import of your image collection?
We look forward to hearing from you!

Latest activity on DocCheck Pictures

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Deep Breath - with Labels! Image of the Week - August 13, 2018 - CIL:50304 -

CIL:50304 - Description: Transmission electron micrograph of a ferret alveolar type II cell has rough endoplasmic reticulum, RER, lamellar bodies, LB, cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondria, M, basement ... [more]
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Nuclei! Image of the Week - August 6, 2018 - CIL:40126 -

CIL:40126 - Description: The dentate gyrus of a transgenic mouse engineered to overexpress a mutant form of human alpha synuclein (A53T), immunolabeled for mGluR5 (red), alpha synuclein (green) and ... [more]
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Pair of 2s? Well I’ve got a Paramecium. Image of the Week – July 30, 2018 - CIL:41402 -

CIL:41402 - Description: Differential interference contrast image of a Paramecium (unicellular ciliate protozoa) surface. The image shows three water vacuoles contracting. Specimen observed at 100x. ... [more]